Hello Freelance Writer! Please describe yourself briefly.

I am an internally motivated individual who values privacy. Additionally, I take hikes regularly, and read extensively. I tend to consume a lot of coffee and retain an open mind when it comes to inclusivity and culture.

What are your interests?

Academic Ghostwriter

My interests are diverse as they are engaging. I love classical and instrumental music, take regular hikes and maintain reading habits that compel me to examine diverse abstractions. I am an amateur photographer, mostly of desolate landscapes. I find them alluring and inspiring.

Although I have a strong economics background, I have however come to develop a keen interest in operations management. This is because in addition to permeating all aspects of civilization, operations managements present continuous problem-solving opportunities. Operations management involves a mix of processes, services, products and methodologies to deliver specific outcomes. In this respect, operations management is a dynamic field that demands constant innovation.

Can you relate briefly relate your academic background to your interests?

Definitely. After completing grade school, I applied to the American Military University (AMU), an institution that is part of the public university systems and offers both on campus and online courses. The AMU accepted my application and I majored in Economics. I found AMU's economics program to be pragmatic in that it related what I was learning with prevailing socio-industrial challenges. Additionally, I conducted my entire studies online, which was convenient for me because at the time, I was working fulltime at a certain manufacturing interest. Consequently, my academic pursuits and work experience inform my present perspective on operations management. Specifically, my work experience offered new possibilities to explore while my studies offered a scaffolding on with which to make the explorations. The point of convergence is the explorations, and that is where operations management is distinguishable.

You mention operations management as offering numerous possibilities of explorations. Can you offer specifics?

As I pointed earlier, economics offers something of a scaffolding with respect to engaging the challenges that I face, professionally and individually. This is because economics deals with broad concepts such as demand, supply, consumption, income and so forth. These faces are integral to the proper function of modern societies. Equally, economic concepts offer considerable insight into how the global community functions in practice. On the other hand, there are considerable real-world variations attendant to economic theories that my employment at a manufacturing firm revealed. Among these include people management, interruptions to operations, accounting discrepancies and so forth. These variations, while not negating economic theories, might force a reevaluation of the same. Accordingly, I had to identify an area that integrates economic theories with the practicalities that supply data those theories summarize, and operations management offered such a middle ground.

How does this insight contribute to your research efforts?

Research essentially entails exploring and evaluating phenomena, the limit to such explorations being theoretically limitless. However, for research to be relevant, it has to translate abstractions into findings that are readily comprehensible. This calls for a certain focus, one that is informed by recognizing the importance of going beyond a review of literature. Such focus entails evaluating diverse sources and presenting a cohesive synthesis of the same vis-à- vis addressing the inquiry at hand. The advantage of having an interest in operations management both as a profession and a hobby is that you must constantly innovate solutions to problems. Commuting the skillsets, aptitudes and know-how to writing is not that difficult. Rather, operations management makes it possible to evolve approaches to solve various problems while writing clarifies areas of consolidation and further inquiries.