Translator, dissertation writer, and research paper editor, Tom Popielaz offers all basic translation, academic paper writing, and essay editing services. He converts Polish-language writings to English, and English to Polish for government agencies, federal, state, and county; for businesses; and for private individuals. He does the editing and proofreading of academic texts written in both languages. Transcription services of dictated or recorded material or of shorthand notes are also offered.


All of the above works on texts include official or legal or published materials or personal writings, and they may be a court reporter's transcript or an official copy of a student's educational record, among many others. Mr. Popielaz can transfer data from one recording form to another, and from one language to another, Polish to English, or English to Polish, or within one language. The format used for document interchange should be MS Office, PDF or HTML.

• Essays (General)

• Essays (Admissions / Application / Scholarship / MBA)

• Research Papers

• Term Papers

• Book Reports / Reviews

• Articles

• PhD Theses

• Dissertations

• Coursework

• Power Point Presentations

• Proofreading

• Rewriting

• Editing