The calculation of a payment in recognition of professional essay writing, editing, and translation services strives consciously to consider both the market demand and the nature of work being written, edited, or translated. Tom Popielaz recognizes that a plain text (i.e. unambiguous and easy to understand, such as some private letters) may require regular time and effort to write or translate. Such standard writing, editing, and translating services are offered at a very competitive rate of 8-10¢ per word. Legal documents, which require attention to detail and are double checked for truthfulness, are translated for 10-14¢ per word.

Essay Price

Other academic texts, such as term papers, admissions essays, research papers, MBA essays, dissertations, theses, business advertisements, scholarly papers, or texts that require a careful literary analysis that determines their intended audience, positioning, and effect, obviously necessitate much more time and effort from the translator. The cost for this work must include in the calculation in addition to regular time spent on the intellectual involvement of specialized writer/translator skills, and the terms for this performance are then agreed upon before commencing the project.

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