Writing a dissertation or PhD thesis is one of the most daunting sections of graduate education since a dissertation or PhD thesis marks the ultimate culmination of many hours of writing, research, and training. It represents a particular candidate for many years after their graduation. It is therefore paramount, that a dissertation or PhD thesis should be written in a professional way and all the necessary aspects must be incorporated for best results. Students mainly have expertise in writing term papers, essays, and research papers as they progress in their education and this knowledge can be applied when writing a dissertation or PhD thesis in order to reduce significantly the stress that is usually related to writing these vital documents as stated by Lovitts & Wert.


A process is involved when writing a dissertation or PhD thesis and it includes expressing significance and originality, identifying the major purpose of the project, maintaining strong organization, and setting appropriate goals that will assist in developing a high quality dissertation or PhD thesis. Identification of the key purpose of the project provides the guideline and direction that it should take. It acts as a framework for the project in assisting the student to conduct significant, original, independent, and relevant research. The student is able to collect data properly, identify and define problems, generate hypotheses and questions, apply appropriate methods, and analyze as well as judge evidence collected. Identification of the purpose also shows a student how to discuss finding, summarize and review literature and to write and think coherently and critically as noted by Germano. It is paramount for the student to seek always advice from their supervisors and to express their expectations about their goals.

In accordance to Lovitts & Wert, understanding significance and originality of the project is another integral part of this process since it assists the student to come up with original contributions that have never been proven, done, seen, or found before. A student can achieve this objective by developing an original advance or insight and apply it in his or her field. On the other hand, a significant contribution refers to something, which is useful and has an impact on the project. Such a significant contribution has to be publishable in the main top-tier journals since it influences the research, teaching, and conversation. Again, it is important for the student to consult with their advisers on significance.

Aiming for utmost excellence when writing a dissertation or PhD thesis, is another consideration since it provides the much-needed high quality. This is achievable through significance and originality, an in-depth comprehension of the discipline, the research design that should be well executed and well planned, and through a write-up that is well organized and written. The student should also ensure that they maintain consistent quality when writing their dissertation or PhD thesis. Students should ensure that their dissertation or PhD thesis is comprised of a literature review, a method section, an introduction, and a theory section. Other sections include a data or results section and a discussion on the same as well as a conclusion in accordance to Lovitts & Wert.

According to Germano, the student is able to achieve excellence when writing their dissertation or PhD thesis through practicing academic history, development of their professional-level writing skills in order to present brilliant findings and ideas and by taking appropriate action in improving their writing. Taking this action involves improving their composition, correcting spelling mistakes, and grammar. Excellence is also attainable when a student sets their bar high through setting achievable, transparent, and worthy goals for their project. Students also need to engage other people for support so that they can eventually succeed in producing a high quality dissertation or PhD thesis. This people include their advisers and peers, and they must applaud themselves in order to gain motivation.