I grew up surrounded by a densely wooded area of Gdansk on one side and the Baltic Sea on the other. My mother taught me English, and my father taught me how, on a lathe, to turn ordinary wooden staves and batons to intricately shaped and formed figures. Perhaps these are what gave me my sense of and appreciation for change in substances turned to another.


Today, in my work as an expert translator, writer, and English text proofreader, this helps me understand what the intended or conveyed meaning, or a range of meanings, a word or phrase may bear. This parental influence was also helped along by my study of philosophy, classical writers, and the English literature. In my professional translator’s training and in my great experience lie my qualifications for the translator’s job. In addition to a degree in English Literature from a university, my credentials include a diploma from the English Teaching College and membership in a nationally recognized translators’ association. My current professional research is now an amalgam of linguistics, rhetoric, and philosophy, all in view of the English and Polish languages. The basic question that this research attempts to solve is how to carry a meaning, and not just the word, from one language to another.